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Peak Endurance Solutions

Peak Endurance Solutions is a company dedicated to providing endurance athletes with premium semi-customizable training plans. I strongly believe that endurance sport and the craving to reach our athletic potential can be used as a platform to experience our true human potential. My approach to crafting training plans for a wide variety of endurance sport events and distances reflects this core belief, and is the driving force behind my pursuit of providing the best training plans possible. My training plan development model and philosophy reflects the most important aspects of preparing for endurance sports. In order to be a successful athlete in any sport, not just endurance sports, one must prepare physically through a properly designed strength and conditioning program. Additionally, athletic success is built through proper mental conditioning, proper nutrition, and adequate rest and recovery. At the foundation of these four key core components of athletic success are proper coaching/guidance, individualization of the program to fit each athletes’ unique needs, and evidence-based practice (i.e., using current science to inform a training plan). There are elements of each of these incorporated into my training plans that are available to athletes, and I am constantly striving to improve and update these training plans that are available as my coaching philosophy changes and as sport science evolves.


Mission Statement

To help individuals achieve their athletic goals and to guide individuals towards the realization of their highest athletic potential, ultimately influencing the realization of their human potential.


About Me

My name is Ryan Eckert, and I am the Founder/Owner of Peak Endurance Solutions. I have both a Bachelors and Masters degree in exercise science from Arizona State University and am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. I chose to study exercise science as I am passionate about the human body as it relates to health, wellness, and human performance. I love the process of working with individuals and progressing them towards higher athletic performance in the pursuit of their fitness and performance goals. I grew up playing baseball and continued with the sport up through my freshman year of college while playing for the Arizona State club baseball team. A combination of changing priorities in college and the realization that baseball was not the sport I was meant to dedicate my time and energy towards led to the end of my baseball career. The following few years after I stopped playing baseball were tough as I felt like I had a massive void in my life. In 2014, I began running and cycling, and this eventually led me to my first triathlon in 2015. I have been a dedicated endurance athlete ever since, having competed in road running races ranging from 5Ks to marathons, trail running races, duathlons, and triathlons ranging from sprint-distance races to ironman-distance events. I have been on the podium in Ironman 70.3 events, was overall winner of the 2018 and 2019 Bartlett Lake Sprint-Distance Triathlons as well as the 2019 Deuces Wild Sprint-Distance Triathlon, the overall winner of the Aravaipa Hypnosis 6K Night Run, and have qualified for the Boston Marathon with a marathon PR of 2:58:01. A few of my long-term personal goals are to win a major endurance event as an amateur and qualify for my professional/elite license.


Sponsors & Partners



ROKA is my go-to for all things swim-related! I am proud to work with ROKA and to provide the opportunity for my athletes to wear the best wetsuits, swimskins, and eyewear (sunglasses, goggles) on the market! If you are an athlete with Peak Endurance Solutions and have NOT had a Peak Endurance Solutions account set up for you yet, message me and I will get you information to set it up. To learn more about ROKA and the products they offer, visit their website.



MOXiLIFE products bring with them a combined 50+ years of formulating & ingredient education, with in-depth supplement production process knowledge to include; bio-functionality of raw materials, manufacturing, and packaging of a supplement, combined with 65+ years of endurance racing. MOXiLIFE provides hydration and supplementation products geared specifically for the optimization of endurance performance and recovery. - Website



Jakroo helps provide me with custom-made triathlon kits, cycling gear, and run apparel. Jakroo provides incredibly high-quality, premium gear and apparel at a slightly more affordable price point than some of the previous partners I have worked with in this department. I have a Team Store with them that is always open for orders, and all orders are shipped and will arrive at your door in less than 2 weeks! I also get a slightly better price on all products they offer, and this is reflected in the “team price” within the team store. To access the store, browse what I have available, and place an order, go to the following website.


Take It Easley Productions, LLC

Take It Easley Productions is headed up by Isaac Easley, videographer and producer extraordinaire! Isaac works with me with video productions for bigger projects. If you want to learn more about Isaac and Take It Easley Productions, go to the following website


Q Activewear

Q Activewear is my go-to for custom swimwear, affordable cycling apparel, and accessories. I absolutely love, love, love the quality of their swimming apparel and I know you will too. In addition to making custom swim gear, they also make some incredibly affordable custom cycling kits (~$80-$85 for a kit) that don't sacrifice on quality. Check out the team store with Q Activewear at the following website.

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