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Peak Endurance Solutions

Peak Endurance Solutions is a company dedicated to providing endurance athletes with a premier coaching service. We strongly believe that endurance sport and the craving to reach out athletic potential can be used as a platform to experience our true human potential. Our approach to coaching reflects this core belief and is the driving force behind our relentless pursuit of becoming the best coaches we can be. Our coaching model and philosophy (see below) reflects the most important aspects of preparing for endurance sports. In order to be a successful athlete in any sport, not just endurance sports, one must prepare physically through a properly designed strength and conditioning program. Additionally, athletic success is built through proper mental conditioning, proper nutrition, and adequate rest and recovery. At the foundation of these four key core components of athletic success are proper coaching/guidance, individualization of the program to fit each athletes’ unique needs, and evidence-based practice (i.e., using current science to inform a training plan).


Mission Statement

To help individuals achieve their athletic goals and to guide individuals towards the realization of their highest athletic potential, ultimately influencing the realization of their human potential.

Coaching Philosophy
  • We coach each athlete to the best of our current abilities, adapt our coaching strategies as needed, and continually evolve as coaches.

  • We strive to advance ourselves as coaches through continual education and advancement of our knowledge and skills.

  • We emphasize training and racing cleanly and do not tolerate the use of performance enhancing drugs or illegal substances.

  • We treat every athlete with respect and act in an ethically and morally acceptable manner 100% of the time.

  • We help guide athletes to reach their athletic goals and to become a better version of themselves in all aspects of life.

  • We challenge athletes to learn and grow in their sport through both training and racing experiences.

  • We coach the athlete as much as we coach the human being.

Coaching Model
Coaching Model-transparent.png
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