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Description of Membership Plan Options:

The Basic Member subscription is available to all visitors of our site. This subscription includes access to our weekly Peak Performance Newsletter as well as access to our Athlete Resources page. The weekly newsletter includes great content, including training topics, links to useful and informative blog posts or podcasts, as well as updates from Peak Endurance Solutions. The Athlete Resources page contains some useful content for endurance athletes, including the following:

  • discount codes

  • links to educational material and resources

  • links to educational podcasts

  • recommended websites to bookmark

  • recommended readings

The Premium Member subscription is our highest value option and is best suited for those that want access to not only our Athlete Resources page and our weekly Peak Performance Newsletter, but those that also want access to the VO2 Max Forum. The VO2 Max Forum provides members with a twice monthly sharing:

(1) On the 1st of every month, I (Ryan Eckert) will share our "Science Post" of the month, which includes a lay public summary and discussion of a recently published research study within the endurance sport realm as well as how it fits within the context of other research on that topic and how it all applies to you as a coach or athlete. Each "Science Post" concludes with an online quiz in which you can put your newfound knowledge to the test! Understanding advancements in scientific research within endurance sport is important for athletes and coaches that want to get the most out of their time and energy. Effectively improving endurance sport performance is as much a science as it is an art, but one of my goals is to make the science more available to athletes and coaches! However, understanding how to access, read, and interpret scientific literature can be very tricky without the right background and experience. I have a strong background in not only knowing how to read and interpret scientific literature (MS in Exercise Science), but also in publishing scientific literature as I have published 

in a range of academic and practitioner-based peer-reviewed journals (over 20 scientific publications to date). Reading and interpreting research is a passion of mine, and having the ability to share the insights I gain through reading and summarizing the latest and greatest research will bring this passion of mine straight to you and your endurance performance! 

(2) On the 15th of every month, Swim Coach Taylor Newgaard and/or myself (Ryan Eckert) will share our "Instructional Skills Video Post" of the month in which we provides an overview of a new, unique, endurance sport-specific skill to understand and master. We will share a skill across different sports, including swimming, cycling, running, and supporting activities for these sports such as strength training

and recovery methods for endurance athletes. These sports and supporting activities, although simple in concept, are each technical in their own unique way. Therefore, taking time to understand the skills that are required in these sports, as well as knowing drills to help improve one's skill, is important for endurance sport mastery. Single-sport athletes and coaches as well as multi-sport athletes and coaches can all benefit from the instruction we provide each month as it will help you become a better athlete and/or coach!