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Race Day Goal Setting & Planning

Race-Day Goal Setting & Planning is led by myself (Ryan Eckert) and consists of a 90-min, in depth race-day goal setting and planning process in which I help you set goals and plan realistic expectations for your upcoming race. Goal setting goes far beyond simply setting time and pace goals, and includes setting process, performance, and outcome goals unique to you, your current fitness levels, your prior racing and training history, and the course you are racing on. Setting goals is a very important process of maximizing performance, and setting proper  goals for race day can play a large part in your success on the day of the race. The following is included in Race Day Goal Setting & Planning:

90-min Race-Day Goal Setting & Planning

  1. Race day goal setting for single-sport and/or multi-sport athletes:

    • individualized goal setting based on current fitness levels and expectations for your upcoming race

    • process (pacing, fueling, etc.), performance (splits, time goals, etc.), and outcome (placing) goal setting/planning

    • Best Bike Split power analysis and goal setting for race-day power goals specific to the course you will be racing on (unique to triathletes and cyclists)

  2. Final document emailed to you containing goals set during the meeting

Note: When meeting for Race Day Goal Setting & Planning, you will need to come with current and up-to-date fitness values (e.g., threshold fitness numbers) and recent log/diary of training (e.g., TrainingPeaks, excel spreadsheet of training completed, etc.).

If you are interested in learning more about this service or other services we offer  related to coaching, enter your information under the "Contact" section below and set up a free 60-minute Performance Meeting to discuss your goals and to discover how I can help you reach those goals.​