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June 26, 2016


"Each morning I wake up with a dream, each day I paint my dream into reality, and each night before I fall asleep I hope I painted one amazing picture.”


I wrote this down my freshman year of college in 2011. A few years later when I was looking for my next tattoo idea, I thought of this quote. I ended up getting it tattooed on the left side of my torso. I absolutely love it, along with the rest of my tattoos, because of the meaning it holds for me. It is a simple reminder that each day is another day in which I get the opportunity to pursue what I am passionate about. I get to wake up each day and work towards achieving my wildest dreams. Some days are harder than others when it comes to putting in the hard work, but this quote has a way of keeping me going on those tough days. It serves as a simple reminder: wake up, work hard towards improving myself, and fall asleep content and happy with my efforts.

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