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Post-Ironman 70.3 Arizona Reflection

October 17, 2016


It seems as if things are slowly coming together for me as a triathlete. Today I completed my third Ironman 70.3 race, Ironman 70.3 Arizona. I finished in a total time of 5:25:39. Here is a breakdown of my splits:


Swim – 35:34 (1:50/100m)

Transition 1 – 2:29

Bike - 2:44:09 (20.5 mph)

Transition 2 – 1:46

Run – 2:01:41 (9:17 min/mile)


I was able to finish 5th in my age group, giving me another podium finish. I set a new 70.3 PR, improving my time form Ironman 70.3 Canada this past July (5:49:00). I also beat my time from last year’s Ironman 70.3 Arizona by just over an hour… yes an entire hour in one year! I am perhaps most excited about this stat than I am with anything else


 I have been hard on myself the past 18 months since picking up the sport of triathlon, but I am allowing myself to feel especially proud of improving my 70.3 time by over an hour in just 12 months time.


I have lived most of my life in fear of putting myself out there, whether it be in sport, school, or at work. I have always had the drive to be good at the things that I am passionate about, but have never had the humility or courage to really put myself out there, willing to fail in order to improve. I have since learned that this is really the only way I will ever reach my goals I have set for myself in this sport. Most of my races up to this point have had something go wrong, whether it be cramps, an anxious and exhausting swim, my back locking up on the bike, or absolutely exploding on the run. This was the first race I have done thus far in which I truly felt like a triathlete, remaining consistent across all three sports. I had a good swim, bike and run. Many, many lessons have been learned along the way, and the puzzle pieces are finally starting to come together. I’m looking forward to putting in the work over the winter and seeing what it will bring me next year.


Although I do have a mental list of things (that I’ll eventually put down on paper) that can be worked on and can be improved for next season, having a great race like I did today was a fantastic way to end my 2016 triathlon season. Now it’s time to focus on getting my run a bit faster. I have some half-marathons on the schedule and hope to be back to triathlon next year as a much better runner, and really a better swimmer and biker for that matter. But, before anything else, I will put my feet up and rest, enjoying the next week off from hard training. After that, it’s back to work!

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