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Life is an Adventure

February 27, 2017

Life is so much more than going to work from 9-5, paying bills, running errands, and all of the other miscellaneous, albeit, important daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that we all must complete in today’s day and age. I find it all too easy to caught up in the frantic madness of work, errands, chores, etc., that I often times forget to remember that life is an adventure as opposed to a seemingly endles flow of tasks that I must cross off of my to-do list.


Adventure is meant to be exciting, thrilling, unknown, revealing, challenging, and full of growth, learning, and self-actualization. Adventure can be found in so many things, whether it be through the work that we do, the hobbies we pursue, the places we explore, the help we provide to others, or the friendships that we create with those close to us. Adventire is something that keeps us feeling alive, rather than beaten down and burned out. Adventure reminds us that life can be exciting and fun!


Having been buried deep in the depths of depression and suicidal thoughts just a few short years ago, I understand what life is like without this sense of adventure. I understand what life feels like when there is absolutely no thrill to anything anymore, when there is no sense of growth or learning, when there is no sense of self-actualization, passion, or purpose. I know what life can feel like when the fun is completely sucked out of it.


From my experiences with depression, I have come to appreciate the necessity of adventure in my life. Without constantly exploring my limits, learning new things about myself and the world around me, and chasing my dreams, I would be lost. I would be lost in the everyday tasks that keep a roof over my head and keep my life in order. However, these tasks don’t give my life its meaning. These tasks don’t remind me of the world’s beauty or the fun that can be had in this lifetime


My life garners its meaning from getting lost in the small, daily struggles to improve myself as a triathlete and to accomplish those things that I previously thought I couldn’t do, getting lost in the shared friendships that I have come to develop and the help that I provide to others through my work, getting lost in the exploration of the world around me, and getting lost in the journey of it all. Losing myself to this incredible, adventurous journey called life is what keeps me getting up out of bed each morning.



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