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March 9, 2017



How can I be so hard on myself?

I knew the journey would be tough. That’s why I signed up for it.

I knew that it would be scary.

But what is it that I truly fear?

I fear failure.

I fear a life of not knowing, not truly understanding.

I fear failing to live up to the standards that I have set for myself.

I fear that I will fail to ever find out what I am truly capable of.

I fear that I will never be quite what I imagined I could be.

I fear that what my mind conjures up will never come to fruition.

I fear that I won’t measure up.

I fear that I will be lonely.

I fear second place.

I fear a life without passion.

I fear a life without peace and enough time to truly enjoy it.

I fear a life with limitations.

I fear a life of holding back.

I fear a life without meaning.

I fear a life in which I don’t truly live.

Is this journey the right one for me?

The most comfort I have felt in a while comes from knowing that I have these fears.

It means that my journey must be worthwhile.


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