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Everybody's Dying

June 22, 2017



From the moment we’re born, the clock begins counting down the seconds, hours, days, and weeks until we inevitably leave this Earth. Every day we move closer towards realizing the only thing we are truly guaranteed in this lifetime, death. The realization of our mortality can be a rather scary concept to wrap our heads around, and I don’t mean for this realization to be too morbid, but rather for it to remind us to give everything that we have in making the seconds between our birth and our death truly matter.


I’ve found I often think of death as my inspiration to truly live. Realizing that my time on this planet is finite and that tomorrow is never a guarantee, death has motivated me to choose the uncomfortable, to shy away from the easy option, to follow my dreams and to chase them wholeheartedly. There is no point in me pushing my dreams off until tomorrow as there is no guarantee that I will actually see the light of tomorrow!


Dare to be great, to lift those around you higher, to love yourself as much as you love others, and to treat your goals in life as non-negotiable. Work a little less and laugh, play, and enjoy the company of friends and family a little more. Live deliberately and passionately in pursuit of your wildest dreams. Travel to all the places you want to see and explore the incredible beauty in this world around you. Worry less about the material things in life and place a priceless value on experiences and connections. Understand that anything is possible with unrelenting passion and perseverance.


We’re all dying, and knowing this can be one of our greatest assets. Let it remind you to live the fullest life possible, a life of no regrets and missed opportunities, a life in which you have truly lived.

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