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September 21, 2017


The only limits that exist in this world are the ones that we place upon ourselves. Imagine a young child, happily playing outside with his friends on a beautiful summer afternoon. This child isn’t worrying about deadlines, insecurities, limitations, weaknesses, faults, or stressing about the work that is to be done tomorrow. This child is happily engaged in the present moment, exploring himself and the world around him with an open-minded, adventurous, and somewhat naïve attitude about his existence. In that moment in time, his potential is limitless. He is not confined or restricted by his thoughts, but rather is open to what happens next and eager to tackle whatever challenges he is presented with.


Somewhere along the way, as we get older, we start losing this sense of limitless potential. Life beats us down and we can get stuck in a rut of simply trying to “get by.” However, imagine if we all still believed in our limitless potential? In reality, our potential is truly limitless. Nobody has reached the limits of human physiology or creation. Nobody knows all that there is to know or has experienced all that there is to experience. There is so much opportunity in this world, and it is there for you whenever you are ready to seize it.


Imagine a life that is dictated on your own terms, a life in which you are in control of your own destiny. Our thoughts so heavily influence our actions, or lack thereof for that matter. Believe that you can accomplish what it is that you dream of accomplishing. Know in the depths of your soul that you can go after exactly what it is that you want to pursue. Accept that you will be successful at whatever you set your mind to with daily commitment and an open-minded sense of adventure. Know that you have no limits and that you can be whomever you want to be. Live as if your potential was limitless.

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