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An Ode to Running

September 26, 2017


Running: one of the simplest and most natural forms of human movement, yet one of the most difficult tasks to truly master.


Through running, I have explored just how much physical and mental suffering I am willing to endure, yet I always seem to end up holding onto those few and far between moments of pure ecstasy that only come after persevering through the discomfort.


While running, I have pondered extremely complex problems and come up with solutions that I may not have otherwise come up with if I hadn’t experienced the headspace that running gave me. However, running has also taught me that life is sometimes simpler than we make it out to be.


I have run in the hot and in the cold, through the snow and in the rain, on sunny days and cloudy days, by myself and with the company of others. Every time, mo matter how much I enjoyed it or loathed my decision to go for a run, I always find myself wanting more of it.


I have ran in circles on a man-made track as hard as I possibly can for no other reason than to run in a circle just a little bit faster next time. Alternatively, I have run through mountains and fields for no other reason than to simply feel a rush of cool air sweep across my skin and invigorate my soul.


Running has taught me that life is tough, and that some days you feel good while others you simply don’t; and that this is perfectly okay.


Through running, I have experienced conversations with friends as well as isolation and silence. I have learned to accept that some days I am full of energy and eagerness to socialize, while on others I am completely content with putting in ear buds and grinding out a run without speaking a word.


Some of my runs have felt effortless whereas others have felt dam near impossible. Some days I feel as if my running is paying off, while on other days I feel as if I am moving backwards.


I have smiled and laughed while running. I have also cried while running. In fact, I have experienced probably just about every emotion possible while running.


Good or bad, fun or miserable, running never fails to be there for me when I need it most. That’s why I will always keep coming back for more.

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