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Be All In

October 7, 2017


I’m a perfectionist and a control freak, sometimes to a fault. I like to have a sense of “balance” in my life, be in bed on time, wake up on time, go about my day according to a plan. If it wasn’t scheduled, it doesn’t fit.


Recently, my life has been flipped upside down in the best way possible. As I venture into the beginning of a new relationship, I have found my perfectionist tendencies and sense of balance being challenged. Things were easy when I was a single man. I only had myself and my schedule to worry about. I could wake up each day and train, work, and socialize when I felt it fit in with the rest of my life. Then I met a girl, a really, really great girl to be more specific, and found my perfectly curated schedule becoming a bit jumbled. My available time to accomplish all that I wanted to accomplish in a given week seemed to dwindle. At the end of the day, my work and training were getting done, but my time seemed more crunched and my daily plan was being constantly re-organized and fine-tuned on the fly. This had me a bit on edge.


“I need to stick to my schedule. I have to keep to the plan.” As these thoughts raced through my head, a good friend, Gordie Bufton, shared a piece of advice with me through one of our email communications: “Be All In.”  This immediately took me aback and, instantly, I knew that this was the answer that I was searching for, I just needed someone else to say it to me.


When I look ahead on my life, I want it to be a life lived to its fullest. I want a life full of passion and adventure, a life full of experiences, a life full of great people, and someone special to share it with. My personality will always dictate that I need some sense of regularity in my day-to-day existence, but I am slowly learning to let go of this in order to embrace the “eb and flow” nature of life. New people and experiences will enter into my life and force me to re-organize my daily plan. Passions will develop and grow, shaping the way I look at the life and plan my future. New possibilities will present themselves when it is least expected, forcing me to change my plans on the fly.


My ultimate goal in sharing this recent experience is to reach those that, like myself, are hesitant to embrace the “all in” mentality that is required to get the most out of life. Embrace uncertainty. Welcome the fear of the unknown with open arms. If something or someone comes along and lights a fire inside of you, devote 100% of yourself to getting the most out of it. Maybe you have a passion or interest you want to pursue further, maybe you are struggling to fully commit to a new direction in life that will bring you happiness, or maybe you met an incredible girl (or guy) like myself and want to spend an endless number of hours with them! My piece of advice: Go for it and be all in.

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