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What If?

November 13, 2017


I must confess that there are many days I look at my goals and my dreams written down on paper and feel an overwhelming sense of fear. It’s a feeling that causes me to second guess myself and the life that I choose to live. What do I fear you may ask? Well, I fear the “What ifs?”


What if I never achieve my goals?


What if I don’t live up to my expectations?


What if I let others down?


What if I am simply not strong enough to persevere?


What if I set the bar too high?


What if I’m simply not cut out to live this life I dream of?


What if I fail?


What if I never realize my dream?


But, “what if” I choose to look at things a bit differently?


What if I am strong enough?


What if my failures are nothing more than opportunities to grow stronger?


What if I choose to see myself as successful?


What if I make the most out of every single day in pursuit of the life I desire?


What if my crazy dreams become my reality one day?


What if the only thing holding me back was myself?


What if I accepted that these fears I have are nothing more than an indication that I am living the life I was always meant to live?


I think these fears are exactly what I was meant to feel in pursuit of my dreams. I can take comfort in knowing that they are leading me in the right direction because, without the fear of failure, success wouldn’t be nearly as gratifying.

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