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The Journey

November 23, 2017


I’m the type of person that loves road trips. I love the feeling of flying down the freeway towards my destination, temporarily leaving reality behind for a special type of freedom that can only be found on the open road. I am convinced that I enjoy the process of driving to my destination more than the actual destination itself. I love that sense of freedom that you get with the windows down, music blaring, the excitement of the unknown laying ahead. I always know my final destination and have planned how I am going to get there, yet I have no idea what the journey to get there will bring me.


Much like a road trip, life has its destinations and the journeys that must be traveled to reach those destinations. I think it’s easy, especially in the fast-paced, high pressure world we live in today, to get caught up in the destination, the finished product, the long-term goal, while forgetting to embrace the small, incremental steps that are required to reach our predetermined endpoint. Just as road trips have their journey and their destinations, our goals and dreams have their own journeys and destinations.


I often find myself getting just a bit too eager to bypass the journey that is required of me when striving towards the dreams I have envisioned for myself. I compare myself and my experiences to others, look for shortcuts, conjure up excuses as to why I haven’t achieved my goals yet, and forget that the journey I am on is supposed to be tough.


Along my travels, I’ve learned to accept that my journey will have its ups and its downs. I embrace the highs and those transcendental moments in which I inch one step closer to realizing my potential. Those are truly the moments that I live for. The lows are never as warmly welcomed as the highs, but I accept that they are inevitable and that they truly do make me stronger in the long run.


I will always be striving towards something more, something higher than myself. Setting destinations such as those require a demanding journey, and just like I enjoy a weekend road trip, I enjoy the journey that is necessary to realize my dreams because at the end of the day, I want to live a life of wonder, excitement, and passion.  

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