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Investing in Success

December 1, 2017

 It’s human nature when encountering a setback to consider switching gears and giving up on our dreams. It happens to me on a regular basis, but I’ve just gotten better over time at recognizing these setbacks, failures, barriers, road blocks, whatever you want to call them, for exactly what they are, the investments required to be successful in achieving my dreams.


I prefer to look at all that is required for success as investments that I make in myself. Rather than looking at waking up early, going to bed early, spending a lot of my weekends chipping away at my goals, or missing the occasional social outing as “sacrifices,” I choose to look at them as investments. The same can be said for my failures and my setbacks. If I fall ill and am forced to slow down my progress or if I fail to achieve a goal despite my best effort, I look at these not as “unlucky chance events,” but rather as “par for the course.” I could never expect to be successful without experiencing failures, illness, and sacrifices along the way. They are, therefore, all investments that I choose to make in myself and in my dreams.


At the end of the day, it’s so important to remind myself of this, but it is never more important than when I am currently experiencing a failure, a setback, an illness, or a second thought about waking up early to get in an important training session. I remind myself that I embarked on this journey for a reason, that I knew it would probably be tough more often than it was easy, and that everything that I am going through now will pay its dividends in the future. Much like a wise investor understands the importance of setting aside money every month for retirement no matter the difficulties that one’s paycheck might be facing, a wise dream-chaser understands the importance of investing in him/herself a little bit every single day, no matter what the day throws at them.

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