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January 10, 2018

 The way I see it, we have two options in life: 1) chase our dreams or 2) ignore our dreams remain complacent. Regardless of our choice, the journey we choose will be tough, but one option will be far more rewarding than the other.


Dreams aren’t just reserved for the naïve youth of the world looking to find where they fit in the world. They are inside all of us until the day we leave this planet. I have not come across one single person during my time thus far that is passionless and lacks a dream or vision of some sort. It’s there inside of us, so why not chase it and follow it until the end of time. We are only given one life anyway, so there aren’t any do-overs.


I have found that no matter how I look at the two options I am given, I always find myself scared. If I choose to ignore the dreams that live inside of me, I live in fear that I will never amount to my full potential. If I choose to follow my dreams, I live in fear that it will all be for nothing and that I will ultimately fail. Either way, I am scared.


I think it’s so incredibly important to acknowledge that fear, because I think everyone struggles with these same fears. It’s a hard journey either way we decide to go, but I’d much rather choose the path in which I am struggling to realize my potential instead of struggling to forget that I chose not to chase it.


Life is all about the journey, right? So, why not make the most of that journey and fill it with meaning, passion, and purpose?

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