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Inspired by Failure

March 26, 2018


To fail is to be human. I think there is such a fear surrounding failure in the world we live in today. Some of this may be fueled by social media, where we are constantly bombarded with perfection and self-selected, filtered snapshots of “good” moments in people’s lives, often at the exclusion of the “bad” ones. Some of this fear is also fueled by the lack of open discussion of failure as simply being a part of the process of growth and self-discovery. I find that a discussion surrounding failure is often taboo in normal daily conversation, with success being the primary topic of interest. Amidst this fear of failure and social-media fueled alteration of reality, we are missing out on an honest viewing of the MOST important ingredient to success, failure!


I try to view failure through a completely different lens than I did a few short years ago. I used to be afraid of failing at something, seeing it as an indication that I “wasn’t good enough”. It took me some time, and many, many failures, to realize that in fact, failures teach us more than any amount of success ever could. Success is most often not possible without failing at first.


Rather than being fearful of failure, I try to accept that failure is part of the process of any worthwhile journey. It is simply par for the course. If you are not experiencing failure to some capacity, it may an indication that the journey is not grand enough, or that your comfort zones are not being expanded upon. Know that behind every great success story is often a story full of failures. Don’t be afraid of failure, but embrace it and find inspiration in the lessons that it teaches you. Every failure is one step closer to success.

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