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The Road Ahead

July 6, 2018


 I’ve come to realize and accept that the rewards of a challenge lie not at the finish line, but in the day-to-day monotony and arduous work required of the journey.


I still find myself from time to time wondering why the journey has to be so difficult at times with seemingly little purpose or rhyme or reason. It is when I find myself with these thoughts that I gently remind my inner critic that the rewards of the journey are not the end goal itself, but rather those seemingly meaningless trials and tribulations that test my will to push forward in pursuit of my goal.


Sometimes the reminder is enough to quiet my desire to quit, and other times it takes much more force of mind to convince myself that temporary discomfort is worth it in the end.


Perhaps the most powerful teacher lies in the evidence of past accomplishments.


I have never once found myself yearning to re-live a single moment of glory when I could instead re-live the excitement of the road it took to get there.


A single moment would never be worth re-living without the bumpy road that it took to get there.

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