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Stepping Stones

July 27, 2018


A rewarding journey is full of experiences. Some of those experiences are exhilarating and some of them are rather difficult.


The point of each and every experience, regardless of the meaning we attach to it, is to teach us something and to lead us one step closer to our dreams.


It’s easy to press onward when we are having a wonderful time and things seem to be flowing smoothly. Anyone can take the next step in their journey when things are going their way.


It’s really hard to continue moving forward when things get difficult. It’s easy to turn back around or second-guess our choices in the first place.


View each and every experience, good or bad, as a stepping stone in the direction towards your ultimate destiny. The good times remind us that we are moving in the right direction and reward us for our hard work. The challenging times teach us much more about ourselves, however, than the good times ever can.


The lessons learned from the challenging times are just as important in supporting our journey as are the good times. Good or bad, each experience is a stone for you to step on, inching you closer to your dreams.

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