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Through the Highs and the Lows

October 17, 2019

 It amazes me how one day I can feel on top of the world and like I’m fully in control of my destiny; but yet the very next day I could feel at a loss and completely out of control as to the direction I’m heading. Maybe my personality lends itself to more frequent emotional oscillations than others experience, but I like to believe that most of us experience recurring bouts of highs and lows. After all, life ebbs and flows, and it’s definitely not normal to feel happy all the time.


I find, through personal experience and the observation of others that I look up to, that the best way to approach life’s ebb and flow is to try and stay somewhere in the middle. In other words, try not to get too low, and conversely try not to get too high. Having an amazing day? That’s awesome! Acknowledge it, revel in it a bit, and enjoy it while it lasts. Having a bad day? Know that this is normal, and try your best to replace the negative thoughts with more positive ones. The negative will pass and will soon be replaced by more positive thoughts. That’s just the back-and-forth of life!


Even the best in the world have their good and bad days, and for some reason that comforts me. As I strive to be the best I can be, I find solace in the idea that others striving to get the best out of themselves also experience days where they are in the drivers’ seat and days where they feel like their dangling from an open sunroof on a car winding down a mountainside at unsustainably high speeds.


Look forward to the days where things “click” and all feels good in the world, and stick it out on the days where you feel lost. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, no matter how difficult it may feel at times. Trust in yourself and know that the hard times and hurdles overcome give you more life than you may think.

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