Training Plans

Training Plans are designed for those not necessarily looking for individualized, one-on-one coaching, but still looking for an individualized training plan to prepare for a race. Training Plans are developed by myself and are available for purchase on TrainingPeaks (see link below). I have carefully crafted each training plan available for purchase to maximize the benefits of following a pre-set training plan while considering that the athlete will not have a coach to guide them through each week and each session. These plans are incredibly detailed and are of the same quality that you would receive with individualized, one-on-one coaching. One of the many benefits of following a plan through TrainingPeaks is that it will be individualized to you after completing a few baseline tests and entering in a few key pieces of information.

There are a range of training plans available for purchase to suit those that are new to endurance sport (beginners), those that have competed for a few years and are looking to set a new personal best (intermediate), and those looking to realize their potential or achieve an age group or overall podium finish in a race (advanced). There are training plans available for multiple types of endurance events across many different distances, including triathlons and road running races. If you are interested in finding a plan that suits your needs, click on the link below to visit my TrainingPeaks Coaching Profile Page:

If you are interested in individualized, one-on-one coaching, please visit the Performance Coaching page. If you have  questions, please reach out to me via the "Contact" section below.​


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