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Run Drills

Below are the links to videos overviewing different categories of running-specific drills. Run drills are broken down into beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories. It is recommended to master the beginner drills before progressing onto the intermediate drills, and then to master the intermediate drills before progressing onto the advanced drills.

Beginner/Basic Run Drills  - 

  • quad stretch and reach

  • knee hug

  • figure-4 ankle grab

  • straight-leg kicks

  • runners arms

  • marching in place

  • lunges

Intermediate Run Drills  - 

  • butt kicks

  • A-skip

  • B-skip

  • C-skip

  • Kariokas

Advanced Run Drills  - 

  • lean forwards

  • power skips

  • forward bounds

  • strides

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